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Do You Want To Protect Your Investment?: Elite Protection Plan gives you 100% coverage for ALL types of accidental damage, any defects or malfunctions - for a whole year. We will send you your brand NEW Sono literally without any questions asked. We want you to enjoy your life with the piece of mind!

Sono Hearing Aids - One Time Purchase

We teamed up with the best designers and engineers in the industry and the rest is history in the making.
It's time for you to join the hearing revolution and support American jobs! Order your Sono hearing aids today and experience sounds you haven't heard in years! 
Over 100,000+ Happy Customers.
 I was a little uncertain ordering hearing aids online after purchasing HearTech hearing aids. They were garbage with whistling and feedback so bad that I thought I was going to get permanent hearing damage. But I was pleasantly surprised that the Sono CIC hearing aids are the best ones I've ever used and have exceeded my expectations. I've tried online hearing aids from $500 to professional hearing aids for $5000 and none of them worked for me. But as soon as I put the Sono's in I could actually hear again. Great product for a great price, and I would definitely recommend them."
— Diane K.
 Ordered these (Sono CIC hearing aids) on May 23rd 2019, even tho I was very hesitant too buy at first, but was amazed how well they work!!! Thought why not give it a shot. & the price was unbelievable too!!! There just as good as the $2500. ones, if not better, ( I had one of the expensive ones) these Sono's are GREAT!!! going on my third week, there definitely worth the money, & a great warranty THANKS Sono!"
— Sarah J.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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